The AR history of games

The marvelous “Saftiges Gnu”, known for her Twitch and youtube channels, asked us to develop an augmented reality magazine about the history of games. Based on a printed booklet and a gear VR headset the application shows virtual objects on every page and allows the user to interact with them via markers. The experience plays with the border crossing immersion effect between magazine, augmented reality and gateways into the full virtual reality content. All about our favorite games of the last 50 years.

More about saftiges GNU >>

VR in Industry 4.0

The Annual conference of the society for personnel management offers new impulses, exchange and expertise for professionals out of the german industry. Top executives share valuable input and ideas in inspiring presentations. NAU-HAU was asked to talk about the possibilities VR gives to the industry 4.0. We also developed a VR-demo App to show the executives the future of industry training and servicing.

Workshop: “360° Stop-Motion-Movie”

Together with our partners from “Tinkertank” we gave give kids the possibility to shoot a  360 ° Stop Motion movie in a self-made green screen box. The young participants animated their handcrafted characters and modeled the background in Unity3D. At the end every kid got an google “cardboard” to see the funny result in a VR.

See the video which was made by the kids >> 

Cinematic 360 Experience

The swiss transmedia project “Polder” gets an interactive VR experience. Nau-Hau consults the project to bring the full WTF potential of the world to VR consumers. The movie alraedy runs in cinema and combines game culture with anime and dystopian Sci-Fi. In addition to the movie and the VR Experience you can find out more about the world in LARP like alternate reality events.

Teaser of the Movie >>
Project Website >>


Everyone knows them – the funny animals of Rollin Wild. With 13 million klicks on youtube and 90 thousand fans on facebook, the little creatures are real stars of the internet. Our Partners from Pixelcloud develop a interactive photo safari for the brand and thought it would be perfect for an VR experience. So with the Expertise of NAU-HAU we are now looking forward to bring the content to VR.

Rollin Wild Site >>
PixelCloud Site >>

Literature meets VR

Reading – most people prefer it in fluffy wing chair with a cup of tea. Sadly on a Book Fair its the oposit with hectic and noise. Using virtual reality you now get your own personal reading island. Just sit down, put on the glasses and immerse yourself in the perfect comfortable reading experience. The Dragon Days Fantastik Festival and NAU-HAU present Christian von Asters campfire story in VR. The Book reading Ork is the popular attraction in stuttgarts Bookstores and at Frankfurter Book Faire.

Find us at Frankfurter Buchmesse on Booth H19 in Hall 3.1
Visit the Dragondays Festival >>

Political Satire in VR

Snatch the crook and escort him to the dump of history. But take care! Police is chasing you and you have to survive 200 Seconds. A simple and provoking game about a simple and provoking candidate.
Play in NORMAL Mode or in VR with Cardboard.

Download the App in Playstore >>

Pipeline R&D for 360 VR Series

The by “Expanding Focus” produced 360 VR series is one part of the transmedia storyworld “Future Diaries”. In this fictional future the society collapsed in 2018 by a deep impact of a economy crash. Nau-Hau does the research of combining cutting edge VFX technologie for a rapid production pipeline.

Expanding Focus Website >>

Consulting ZEISS

Since early 2014 the optic giant ZEISS relies on our expertise and envolves NAU-HAU deeply in the development process of their VR-department. So the new ZEISS VRone, which put the company direct in the middle of the booming VR-market, was deeply shaped by our ideas and suggestions. A comfortable, affordable and easy to use device that fits the need of users and developers at the same time.  From design sketches over market analysis to rapid prototyping and concepts for the marketing campaign, we consulted ZEISS to build the clear and smart solution the users appreciate.

>> News on Zeiss VRone

Workshop: “Immersive Spaces

The Filmakademie BW invited international artists, researchers  and directos to this hands on workshop about the future of VR technology and content. Benjamin Rudolf (Nau Hau) provided insights to the Google Tango Platform and talked with the audience about the potential for walkable VR.

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Making FMX possible

The FMX Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia is Europe’s most influential conference for digital entertainment. 2015 the focus was on Immersion & Virtual Reality. So they asked us to consult their programm board. We actually had the honour to organize and direct a own track on the topic of immersion. For four days high-profile speakers discussed with an international audience about the latest developments across the entertainment industry. At the end we are able to say for sure, that this days shaped the future of immersive entertainment.

Meet the Epic Cat 360 Video

“Its a quite night at the fireplace, when suddenly strangers break the peacefull silence.” The Epic Cat was our testcase to render 4k by 4k spherical videos. There is a version for “mono” and a version for stereoscopic 3D. So if you watch it with your cardboard or VRone you will get a highend VR experience.

See the 360 mono version >>

Link to the stereoscopic 3D version >>

Workshop & Symposium: “stage@play”

If one is to believe game designer Eric Zimmerman we live in a century of game. Aren’t we capturing game ideas in our everyday life? Hasn‘t the creative potential of free game with rules and constructions already arrived at the performing arts? And how does theater treat an interconnected society that daily develops „what if“ simulations to struggle with her own history, by games, indeed. Technological development is swift.

How is it possible to transfer this newly acquired pleasure for playful dealings with technique, structure and content to the theater? Particularly digital media brought a new level to the discourse of playing that doesn’t stop entering theater.

Website Theater Rampe >>

Between art and quantum physics

This immersive experience between micro and macrocosm sets the passive observer in the role of the responsible creator. As in the phenomena of quantum physics there exists no uninvolved look. The clockwork of the universe tests the observer and his consciousness in court. Does he accept the burden of his curiosity, the responsibility of his interaction with the fine tuned wheel of the cosmic machine? Experience your personal interplay between order and chaos.

Download on Google Playstore

Workshop: “Immersive Experiences”

The research and development department of the reknown filmakademie invited us for an interdisciplinary exchange. Together with students and professors we tested a range of prototypes and discussed new ways to narrate immersive experiences

Visit the Website of the dreamspace project >>

Immersive Cave Application

Together with our Partners from “Pixelcloud” we developed two immersive media installation for the natural history museum in Stuttgart. In the first you are able to explore prehistoric caves and find paintings by the movement of a BouncePad. I the second one you become an archeologist during the reconstruction of shattered vases on a touchscreen.

Workshop: “Hacking Cyberspace”

“What is real and what is virtual? You experiment on the border and dive into the computer to merge the worlds. “

This year’s motto at the Tinker Tank VR workshop for children from 13 years. The aim of Tinker Tank is to promote the creativity and practical actions, make science and technology exciting again and strengthen the self-efficacy of young people.

Video of the workshop >>

Hackathon: “Edge Tech”

This time we supported the student of the filmakademie and the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingartenin in the production of Vive prototypes. The two teams realized a VR EscapeRoom and a God Simulation. The Filmakademie BW uses the format of the Hackathon as a creative process in their curriculum.

Workshop: “From 3D Scan into the Rift”

TINKERTANK is an initiative by the Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH. The goal is to enhance and stimulate the creativity, practical skills and self-efficacy of young people. NAU-HAU was invited to give a three days workshop about 3D Scanners and how to bring real live objects into videogames. At the end 40 Kids played an Oculus Rift game which included their scanned Avatar. Visit the Website >>


GameJam: “Detuned”

A very short experimental experience with glitch aestethic made for #GlitchJam by Paul Lawitzki (@pLawitzki), Christoph Rasulis (@brainbiteDE) and Benajmin Rudolf(@TOTALaugmented). Visit the Website >>