Augmented Reality

To see means to realize. Visualize your content direct into reality and convince your customers.


Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself into the artificial worlds behind the screen. You will come back enriched.


360° VIDEO

More than just a memory. Capture whole moments and share your experiences with others.


Immersive Experiences

There are limitless worlds behind the screen. Places of ancient history and far away futures. Places to visit, creatures to meet and experiences to live. All without the restrictions of reality. Let us bring you there, or let us bring them out.

  • Virtual Reality experiences
  • Augmented Reality Apps
  • Consulting in the field of VR & AR
  • Workshops & mentoring
Kultur und Kreativpiloten 2013

Awarded by the german government

We had the great honour to get awarded as “Culture and creative pilot germany”. A title given by the federal ministry of economics & technologie and the federal government commission for culture and media. The jury of the U-Institute underlined NAU-HAUs impressive ability to forecast trends early and to push the creative process of the international market. This title proofs we are on the right track and motivates us to constantly give the best for a immersive future.



German TV about NAU-HAU

The well known german literature critic “Denis Scheck” invited NAU-HAU to be part of his weekly culture magazine. So the TV channel SWR interviewed our CEO Benjamin Rudolf  about his estimation on the VR phenomenon. Scheck got hooked after he tested our “Book Reading Ork” a VR literature app, we exhibited at the international Book Fair in Frankfurt.

Watch the full interview from SWR>>

Denis Scheck “This VR idea could create a billion euro market” >>

Kultur und Kreativpiloten 2013

Consulting ZEISS

Since early 2014 the optic giant ZEISS relies on our expertise and envolves NAU-HAU deeply in the development process of their VR-department. So the new ZEISS VRone, which put the company direct in the middle of the booming VR-market, was deeply shaped by our ideas and suggestions. A comfortable, affordable and easy to use device that fits the need of users and developers at the same time.  From design sketches over market analysis to rapid prototyping and concepts for the marketing campaign, we consulted ZEISS to build the clear and smart solution the users appreciate.

>> News on Zeiss VRone

Kultur und Kreativpiloten 2013

Making FMX possible

The FMX Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia is Europe’s most influential conference for digital entertainment. 2015 the focus was on Immersion & Virtual Reality. So they asked us to consult their programm board. We actually had the honour to organize and direct a own track on the topic of immersion. For four days high-profile speakers discussed with an international audience about the latest developments across the entertainment industry. At the end we are able to say for sure, that this days shaped the future of immersive entertainment.

360 VR Stereo Video

Sperical videos went popular over the last year, but we go two steps beyond that. This demo of our last 360 Experience is more than just a spherical video. Its a 4k by 4k spherical STEREO video. If you watch it with your cardboard or VRone you will get a highend VR experience.

Augmented Reality

Our latest AR Prototype is build on cutting edge tracking technology. We enable you to walk free in large environments with a precise understanding of your position. Virtual objects stay exactly where you place them.

Mentoring & Workshops

We love to share our knowledge and to take part in all sorts of Workshops. We give lessons and mentoring at the famous filmakademie BW and already played on theater stage with VR Technologie. I this video you see what we did for the “Hacking Cyberspace” workshop at tinkertank.